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The Canadian Committee on Women in Engineering (CCWE) was active from 1990 to 1992. Now, twenty years later, it is time to assess what obstacles continue to limit the participation of women in engineering study programs, update our inventory of best practices and develop new and improved strategies to increase the participation of women in the profession. Thus it is proposed to hold a workshop in April 2011 to gather key stakeholders to examine past recommendations, current issues, and re-affirm or develop new recommendations that could be implemented in the decade to come.

A start-up Steering Committee has been set-up to help design the workshop content, determine who should be invited to the discussions, develop the budget and identify funding sources. A coordinator will be hired on a part-time basis to look after the logistics and ensure its smooth running.

The original members of the CCWE (each representing an organization) will be invited along with the person who now hold similar roles, as well as others who could contribute important aspects to the discussions.  The list of persons to be invited will be established by the Steering Committee.  The plan is to build on ongoing efforts by the Task Force and Advisory Committee of Engineers Canada to increase the participation of women in the engineering profession.  The result of the NSERC Summit in November 2010 will be built into workshop discussions.  It is expected that the workshop will produce a report with a list of recommendations, including who should implement them, how to measure progress, and a timeline to achieve a positive outcome.  This report will be made available on the ERI web site and distributed widely to partners and participants.

Project CCWE+20: A workshop on women in the engineering profession is supported by the following sponsors.


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